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Adoption and Rescue Information

Once in awhile a family is unable to keep their pet due to unforeseen circumstances, other times an animal has come from a bad situation and just needs a loving forever home.   Whatever the situation, we at the Madison Area Herpetological Society are here to help.  Our love for reptiles and amphibians goes far beyond just love of our own animals, but to also help these animals find a happy home.


If you are unable to keep your pet and would like to reach out to us regarding relinquishments, please print and fill out the >RELINQUISMENT FORM< and email it to  There is a $30 relinquishment fee PER ANIMAL, or otherwise determined on a case by case basis, that will be collected at the time of relinquishment.  We will work with you to schedule a time to drop the animal off with us.


If you are interested in adopting an animal, let us know.  You do not NEED to be a member of MAHS to adopt an animal, although it is highly recommended.  This gives you access to continued knowledge and a resource to ask anything you need to best take care of your new pet.  Members in good standing, however, will get preference in adoptions if multiple people apply.  The first thing you need to do if you want to adopt an animal is fill out an adoption application, which can be found here > MAHS Adoption Application<.  If that application is accepted, you must pay the adoption fee  and then schedule to pick the animal up.  Adoption applications can be picked up at the monthly meetings, or e-mailed to you.  To see the animal in person, please e-mail our Adoption Coordinator at  to have them bring it to the next MAHS meeting.  Below are some of the animals for adoption, and some that have already found happy homes!

Friends of Scales Reptile Rescue

We also partner with one of the best reptile rescues in the United States, Friends of Scales Reptile Rescue.  You can find their website >HERE< and their Facebook page >HERE<.  If they have an animal you’d like to adopt, you can find their adoption form on their website and fill it out.  They will contact you to follow up.  Animals can be brought to the MAHS Monthly Meetings for pick up.

Why Reptile/Amphibian Education Is Important:  The Story of MyanmarOn January 4th, 2013, MAHS was asked to take in an albino burmese python that was in rough shape.  We always expect the worst, but we weren’t prepared for what we ended up picking up in Baraboo, WI.  The burmese python was extremely thin, had swelling and infectious puss in both eyes, and swelling in his head, along with being very dehydrated.  We weren’t sure he’d make it much longer.  We set up an appointment with Dr. Michael Wenninger, at Spartan Animal Hospital, and took him in.  After over two months, he has been receiving the best care possible, regular medications and antibiotics, and was recently tube fed in order to get some sustenance in his system.  He has been under the care of MAHS VP, Rebecca Wyman, who has put her complete heart into helping this poor animal.  He still has a long road ahead of him, and hopefully he has the strength to make it through this endeavor.  Below is Myanmar’s picture when we got him in.  Myanmar is an example of why it is important to get the best information you can about the animals you keep.  Whether it’s snakes, geckos, lizards, frogs, cats, birds, or dogs, it is important to research and understand what you are getting into.  Also, make sure that you are in a position to have the finances available to help your animal if it does get sick.  Just because this animal was a snake, he was left to suffer until we took him.  A proper education on the animals you are getting, and understanding the responsibility needed to take care of them is of the utmost importance.  This is exactly what MAHS is here to do.  To educate the public and give everyone a place to go get the proper knowledge about how to take care of these amazing animals.  Make sure before you get a pet, that you get the right knowledge on keeping it, so this doesn’t happen.












Animals up for Adoption:  

For the most up to date animals available for adoption, check out our Facebook PageAdoptions Folder






Adopted Animals!

“Ripper” – Adopted!!  Thanks Mike and Jenny!!

This young savannah monitor was brought to us by a member that wanted to find it a new forever home.  It is unsexed and is still very young.  It is a feisty little monitor, but with regular handling, it will calm down and make an amazing pet!  SM-042213

“Ernest” – Adopted!! Thanks Aaron!!

This adult male Snow Corn Snake was brought to us with the ball python above.  It has not been sexed, so gender is unknown, but it is thought to be male.  It too is in great health and is very friendly.  This snake is around 5 years old.   CS-041513




      This beautiful animal is a Brooks Kingsnake.  It has not been sexed, so gender is unknown.  It has beautiful yellow and black markings along with some orange tones.  It is friendly and was a family pet.  It is handleable and was handled on a regular basis, even by young children.  It is a younger animal, and assumed to be around 2 years old.

ADOPTED!! Thanks Ryan and Angel



       This bearded dragon came to us from a family that could no longer care for him.  He is fat and healthy, and has a great temperment.  He’s calm and easily handled as he was a family pet and handled regularly by children.  He will make a great addition to any family.


ADOPTED!! Thanks Doug and Di




“Rocky” – ADOPTED!! Thanks Doug and Di

We recently received this amazing Ball Python.  It has not been sexed, so gender is unknown, but it is thought to be male.  It is in great health and is very friendly.  Unfortunately the owner was unable to keep his reptiles, and was looking for a good home for them.  This snake is around 4 years old.  BP-041513



These are just a few of the animals we’ve helped find homes for.  Many more can be found HERE in our Adopted Pets photo album!