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MAHS Care Sheets

MAHS Care Sheets

Care sheets are often an excellent starting point for learning more about the biology and husbandry of a given species, including their housing/enclosure requirements, temperament and handling, diet , and other aspects of care. MAHS itself has created many such care sheets for a wide range of reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates we believe to have straightforward care requirements, and thus make suitable family and beginner’s to intermediate level pets. Some species with much more complex, difficult to meet, or impracticable care requirements than what can be adequately explained in a one page care sheet may be multiple pages. We can also provide additional links, resources, and information on these species we feel are reliable and trustworthy if requested.  If you would like to request a copy of a care sheet for any of the species listed below, or have a suggestion for an animal you don’t see on our list, contact us to let us know! Unfortunately, for liability reasons, MAHS is unable to create or publish care sheets for medically significant venomous species. This includes species in the families Crotilidae, Viperidae, and Elapidae, as well as the Helodermatidae (the Gila Monsters and Mexican Beaded Lizards) and some medically significant rear fanged Colubridae. Those that are serious about wishing to learn more about venomous reptile husbandry that cannot be adequately covered in one to three page care sheets should take the time to utilize all available resources by reading books and literature, consulting with, and working with an experienced and knowledgeable mentor in order to learn the ropes hands on.

*Remember, it is also important to check and be aware of all applicable local, state, and/or federal ordinances, laws, or regulations pertaining to any of these species, especially those that may be indigenous to all, or parts of the United States and/or Canada. Also note that the information provided in these, or any care sheets, are not intended to be all-exhaustive, and further research and care should always be sought and provided when it comes to any species one may prospectively be interested in. These care sheets are also not intended to serve as substitutes for professional veterinary medical care and husbandry should any animal require it. Always seek proper and professional veterinary care for any animal should the need arise, and be prepared ahead of time for any and all husbandry costs and expenses that may occur with any animal beyond the initial purchase. Any animal owned is ultimately a matter of personal/individual care and responsibility. Finally, while we are still working to make each of these care documents available online and via PDF, they are all available upon request by emailing or

The Madison Area Herpetological Society provides these care sheets as reference only, and we cannot make any claims or guarantees regarding any information therein. These care sheets may also be re-printed with permission only in their entirety, including with any and all MAHS logos and disclaimers.

MAHS Care Sheet Statistics
Invertebrates (Non Feeders)-69
Feeders (Vertebrate and Invertebrate)-13
Chelonians (Turtles & Tortoises)-32
Total: 374

A HUGE THANK YOU  to Eric Roscoe for his dedication and time in putting these together for MAHS!!

 The Care Sheets are Currently Under Construction.