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Educational Articles

Here you will find articles and information that we find important for people to see or know.  Anything from news and events to articles about care or new animals in the hobby.  Check back frequently to see what’s new in the world of Herpetology!


Cause of Death Facts and Statistics!

Here, you will find our compilation of facts, figures, and statistics pertaining to captive reptiles compared to many other more common and routinely accepted causes of death based on best available knowledge and information. These include the National Safety Council, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), state death reports and censuses, and Consumer Product Continue Reading >

Suggested Protocols for Venomous, Large Constrictors, and Crocodilians

Section I – Mishandling of reptiles declared public nuisance and criminal offense The intentional or negligent exposure of other human beings or the environment to unsafe contact with reptiles that are venomous, with large constricting snakes, or with crocodilians being potentially injurious and detrimental to public health, safety and welfare, and the environment, the indulgence Continue Reading >

Find a Herp Veterinarian

Do you live in or around the Madison Wisconsin area and are in search of a reptile veterinarian? Then this page is the resource for you! Here, you will find a listing of veterinarians in and around the Madison area able to see and treat reptiles. If you are a veterinarian that sees reptiles and Continue Reading >

Tips on Renting with Herps (Reptiles and Amphibians)

One topic that is frequently asked and posted on many various reptile forums and websites on the Internet is the issue of renting with reptiles and amphibians. In other words, how can one successfully locate herp friendly housing? What should be done if you run into issues over your animals with the landlord? It can Continue Reading >

Herpetological Terms and Definitions

Often when talking about reptiles and amphibians with fellow keepers, you will hear terms like “het” or “exothermic,” and may not always know what it means.  Below is a reptile keepers guide to herpetological terms and their definitions.  Keep an eye out as this list will be updated as we think of more.     Continue Reading >

Top 10 Beginner Care Sheets

As people are getting more and more interested in reptiles, better and better information is being put together on keeping them.  We at MAHS have put together some Care Sheets that cover basic care for what we consider the 10 best reptiles for beginners.  This is a great start to basic care, and what’s needed, Continue Reading >