Madison Area Herpetological Society

Educational Shows

As is stated multiple times throughout our website, our main goal is to educate.  With education as our top priority, we enjoy the opportunity to give lectures on a variety of topics from basic reptile care to more advanced classes in genetics and biology of the animals.  We have a large group of individuals with a passion for reptiles and teaching people more about them.  These animals get a negative image due to fears, movies, and misconceptions.  We are here to teach people the truth about these animals and how amazing they are. Below are descriptions of the types of shows and lectures we can do and the associated costs, and as always donations are appreciated.  If you are interested in working with us, please contact our Event/Education Coordiators at



A reptile show is any presentation given that’s main purpose is to entertain the audience by showing them a large variety of animals.  While there is an educational aspect while we describe each animal and its habitat, the focus in on the animal itself.  This is a great way to introduce a large variety of animals to an audience and get that  awe factor.  This works great for schools, clubs, birthday parties, and many other events.

Contact Event Coordinators for Show Fees.





















Lectures are any presentation given to a group solely for the purpose of learning.  No more than one or two animals will be present, and only if needed for the lecture.  Otherwise slides with photos will be shown.  This is great for after school programs, classroom learning, or any time a specific topic is wanted to be discussed in a classroom format

Unless it is requested that more animals are brought with, lectures are usually free of charge.  However, this is on a case by case basis, please inquire.


**Special Pricing is available for organizations that want to do multiple shows or lectures within a year, such as school districts or clubs.  Please inquire for more information**

Presentation Topics

Native Species of Wisconsin: Many species of herps call Wisconsin home, and can be found in our state’s forests, prairies, wetlands, and even our own backyards throughout the state! While not all inclusive, this presentation covers many of the most commonly seen/encountered reptile and amphibian species, as well as Wisconsin’s two venomous snakes, and those Continue Reading >