Madison Area Herpetological Society

Education Assistant Volunteer Positions-Wisconsin Statewide!


The Madison Area Herpetological Society (MAHS) is a 501c(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and raising awareness of the education and conservation surrounding frequently misunderstood reptiles and amphibians. We are currently seeking to fill an ongoing need for volunteers throughout the state of Wisconsin to assist in identifying, running, and organizing educational outreach events and other opportunities for our membership base relating to reptiles and amphibians, as well as general environmental awareness and stewardship. Volunteer opportunities with MAHS are available in your area.
These positions entail subscribing to MAHS’ membership ($20 per year for students, $25 per year for individuals, and $40 per year for families), as well as assisting in the setup, organization, execution, and tear down at a variety of events including for birthday parties, community fairs and festivals, school and university/college groups, cub scout/girl scout/other community groups, nature and environmental education centers, museums, and other events. Positions entail standing or sitting at a stationary booth or table and promoting/raising awareness of MAHS and its mission statement surrounding reptiles and amphibians, oftentimes with live harmless animals. Hands out brochures, handouts, and other informational and promotional items, converses with event attendees, organizers, and the general public to help raise awareness and answer questions. May also require making informal presentations, show & tells, and lectures using live harmless animals and PowerPoint towards small to large groups as well. Other duties as assigned or needed.

Hours, Pay and Compensation:
These are currently unpaid volunteer based positions that typically range from one (1) to eight (8) hours or potentially more per week depending on the nature and event load for any given week. MAHS membership and participation in events entails receiving discounts with our organization’s sponsors, access to monthly meetings and newsletters, and other rewards subject to a participation based points and rewards system.

Education and Other Requirements:

-Willingness to learn and ask questions when needed.
-Must be comfortable handling and working with a variety of harmless, nonvenomous reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates (i.e. tarantulas, scorpions, other insects and arachnids, etc.)
-Maintaining personal pets or animals (reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates) that can be used during events not required, but oftentimes extremely helpful. Must be able to use sound or otherwise best discretion and judgement at all times with any personal animals used.
-Must have reliable transportation, or access to reliable transportation.
-Some local travel required to local and area events. Travel to events throughout the state of Wisconsin optional.
-Must be reliable, committed, and willingness and ability to be on time.
-Must be able to be friendly, civil, outgoing, and courteous when conversing or interfacing with the public.
-Comfortable with informal public speaking to typically small groups. Proficiency and ability to use Microsoft PowerPoint and other Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel, etc.)

To Apply:
To apply for these ongoing positions, first consider MAHS’ yearly membership by visiting the membership section of our website at
Then send an email, cover letter, and/or resume to us at either or to our Education and Events Coordinator at

These volunteer positions are on an ongoing basis, with no specified deadlines.