Madison Area Herpetological Society

Top 10 Beginner Care Sheets

As people are getting more and more interested in reptiles, better and better information is being put together on keeping them.  We at MAHS have put together some Care Sheets that cover basic care for what we consider the 10 best reptiles for beginners.  This is a great start to basic care, and what’s needed, but as always, make sure you do more research before purchasing a pet, and if you have questions come to a meeting and speak with someone experienced!


Ball Python

White’s Treefrog

Rosy Boa

Milk snakes

Leopard Gecko

Crested Gecko

Corn Snake

Blue Tongued Skink

Bearded Dragon

Russian and Hermann Tortoises



Look at the care sheets for each animal and figure out what fits you or your family best.  Some things to keep in mind are Size, Lifespan, Diet, and Special Requirements.  Make sure it’s not an animal that will get too large for the area you have for it.  Reptiles also live a long time.  Make sure you have the commitment and time to give it a forever home.  Animals diets will vary.  Make sure you are comfortable feeding a snake a rodent, or have access to get crickets for a leopard gecko.  Lastly, make sure you can provide for any special requirements and that you have educated yourself on the animal until you feel completely comfortable with it’s proper care.