Madison Area Herpetological Society

Native Species of Wisconsin!

Below are all of the species of reptiles and amphibians right here in Wisconsin.  These animals can be found right in your back yard, or down near a local pond.  Click on the name for more information.  For a fun family outing, make a checklist of these animals and see how many you can find and take pictures of in their natural habitat!


To add to the fun of field herping (looking for reptiles and amphibians in their natural habitat, kind of like bird watching, but way more fun!), here is the “Beginner’s Guide to Field Herping” and the “Wisconsin Herpetological Phenology.” The “Beginner’s Guide to Field Herping” is a great description of how to start finding these amazing creatures along with a few points of how to do it without negatively impacting the environment.  The “Wisconsin Herpetological Phenology” is an amazing guide to which species of reptiles and amphibians will be out during which seasons of the year.  It also gives great descriptions along with pictures, so you can accurately identify which species you’ve found!



Common Mudpuppy (Necturus maculosus)

Eastern Newt (Notophthalmus viridescens ssp.)

Eastern Red-backed Salamander (Plethodon cinereus)

Four-toed Salamander (Hemidactylium scutatum)

Blue-spotted Salamander (Ambystoma laterale) and Hybrids/Complex

Spotted Salamander (Ambystoma maculatum)

Eastern Tiger Salamander (Ambystoma tigrinum)

Frogs and Toads

Blanchard’s Cricket Frog (Acris blanchardi)*WI State Endangered

Boreal Chorus Frog (Pseudacris maculata)

Spring Peeper (Pseudacris crucifer)

Eastern and Cope’s Gray Treefrogs (Hyla versicolor and Hyla chrysoscelis)

American Toad (Anaxyrus americanus)

American Bullfrog (Lithobates catesbeianus)

Green Frog (Lithobates clamitans ssp.)

Pickerel Frog (Lithobates palustris)

Mink Frog (Lithobates septentrionalis)

Northern Leopard Frog (Lithobates pipiens)

Wood Frog (Lithobates sylvaticus)


Common Snapping Turtle (Cherlydra serpentina)

Southern/Ouachita Map Turtle (Graptemys ouachitensis)

False Map Turtle (Graptemys pseudogeographica)

Northern Map Turtle (Graptemys geographica)

Eastern Musk Turtle/Stinkpot (Sternotherus odoratus)

Midland Smooth Softshell (Apalone mutica ssp.)

Spiny Softshell (Apalone spinifera)

Ornate Box Turtle (Terrapene ornata ssp.)*WI State Endangered

North American Wood Turtle (Glyptemys insculpta)*WI State Threatened

Blanding’s Turtle (Emydoidea blandingii)*WI State Protected Species

Painted Turtle (Chrysemys picta ssp.)



Western Slender Glass Lizard (Ophisaurus attenuatus)*WI State Endangered

Common Five-Lined Skink (Plestiodon fasciatus)

Northern Prairie Skink (Plestiodon septentrionalis)

Prairie/Six Lined Racerunner (Aspidoscelis sexlineata ssp.)


Western/Orange Striped Ribbonsnake (Thamnophis proximus ssp.)*WI State Endangered

Northern/Eastern Ribbonsnake (Thamnophis sauritus ssp.)*WI State Endangered

Butler’s Gartersnake (Thamnophis butleri)*WI Special Concern Species

Plains Gartersnake (Thamnophis radix)

Common Gartersnake (Thamnophis sirtalis ssp.)

Bullsnake/Gophersnake (Pituophis catenifer ssp.)*WI State Protected Species

Eastern Hognose Snake (Heterodon platirhinos)

Eastern Fox Snake (Pantherophis vulpinus)

Eastern Milksnake (Lampropeltis triangulum)

North American Racer (Coluber constrictor ssp.)

Gray/Midland Ratsnake (Pantherophis spiloides)*WI Protected Species

Lined Snake (Tropidoclonion lineatum)*WI Special Concern Species

Queensnake (Regina septvittata)*WI State Endangered

Ringneck Snakes (Diadophis punctatus ssp.)

Common Watersnake (Nerodia sipedon ssp.)

Red bellied Snake (Storeria occipitomaculata)

DeKay’s Brownsnake (Storeria dekayi)

Smooth Greensnake (Opheodrys vernalis)

Western Wormsnake (Carphophis vermis)*WI Special Concern Species

Timber Rattlesnake (Crotalus horridus)*Venomous, WI State Protected Species

Eastern Massasauga (Sistrurus catenatus)*Venomous, WI State Endangered