Once in awhile a family is unable to keep their pet due to unforeseen circumstances, other times an animal has come from a bad situation and just needs a loving forever home. Whatever the situation, we at the Madison Area Herpetological Society are here to help. Our love for reptiles and amphibians goes far beyond just love of our own animals, but to also help these animals find a happy home.

If you are unable to keep your pet and would like to reach out to us regarding relinquishments, please fill out the RELINQUISMENT FORM. There is a $30 relinquishment fee PER ANIMAL, or otherwise determined on a case by case basis, that will be collected at the time of relinquishment. We will work with you to schedule a time to drop the animal off with us.

If you are interested in adopting an animal, let us know. You do not NEED to be a member of MAHS to adopt an animal, although it is highly recommended. This gives you access to continued knowledge and a resource to ask anything you need to best take care of your new pet. Members in good standing, however, will get preference in adoptions if multiple people apply. The first thing you need to do if you want to adopt an animal is fill out an adoption application, which can be found here > MAHS Adoption Application 

**Pickup must be local, no shipping!** Also, please no breeding inquiries on certain animals, as this information will not be divulged. These are animals that are meant to find the loving and permanent homes they deserve. We are also currently unable to adopt out any boas or pythons into the city of Janesville. Other local laws and ordinances also apply.

Unfortunately, due to space, husbandry, and longevity aspects of caring for these species, we are not able to accept iguanas, sliders, or other aquatic turtles, although there always may be exceptions. Other large snakes, lizards, or tortoises may also oftentimes be difficult for us to accept depending on foster, enclosure, and/or space availability. If you have one of these animals in need of relinquishment, we will do our best to point you in a direction that can help! We can often connect you with our membership and other organizations and individuals we work with that may be able to take in your pet. If we do not have a contact with another rescue, we will utilize our presence on social media!

Pets in the Community Initiative!*

According to Pets in the Classroom, a nationwide educational grant program which provides financial support for teachers and other educators using pets in classrooms, there are many positive benefits to using classroom animals, including reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates. Classroom pets can better stimulate learning in new ways other methods cannot, and can also enhance the classroom experience by instilling greater senses of responsibility, sensitivity and awareness, and being able to better build connections between people and the natural world. Caring for classroom pets can also better your child’s or student’s health, education, and well-being in many other ways as well. Learn more at: https://www.petsintheclassroom.org/benefits-of-classroom-animals/

We are also looking to expand our networking reach not only in being able to raise membership, education, and outreach through the many events we do, but also to establish and maintain MAHS as a possible resource in the community among teachers and other educators seeking to add a classroom pet to their curriculums through the animal rescue, adoptions, and foster services we, along with our partnering rescue organizations can provide! If you are a public or private teacher or school, library, local nature center or museum, community or neighborhood center, or other educator or community group seeking to add the valuable experience of adding a classroom pet, check out our currently available animals or by learning more on our website at www.madisonherps.org!

*Participating individuals and institutions must already have, or be making arrangements in providing the proper and necessary enclosures/housing, food, and other necessary supplies needed to appropriately maintain the species of interest. Only currently available adoptable animals can be provided. Participants must also be able to already meet any pre-existing insurance and liability requirements, and also be in compliance with any school district or other organizational policies, local, and state laws and ordinances pertaining to maintaining pets in the classroom settings. Arrangements must also be made for any animals during any breaks or recesses throughout the year, or if the animal may no longer be needed for the educational setting.

Friends of Scales Reptile Rescue

We also partner with one of the best reptile rescues in the United States, Friends of Scales Reptile Rescue. You can find their website >HERE< and their Facebook page >HERE<. If they have an animal you’d like to adopt, you can find their adoption form on their website and fill it out. They will contact you to follow up. Animals can be brought to the MAHS Monthly Meetings for pick up.