Madison Area Herpetological Society

Kid’s Herp Society

It came to our attention that our meetings can sometimes run late, and it’s difficult to get children to them.  Also, sometimes our speakers can talk about topics that would be a bit advanced for many kids.  In order to get more children involved, the idea came up to start the Kid’s Herpetological Society.  This is an amazing opportunity for us to continue to spread education and to get more kids involved and interested in reptiles!  The Kid’s Herpetological Society will focus on keeping the kids actively learning about reptiles and their care.  They will work on projects, go on trips with the other members, and give presentations, along with many other hands on opportunities.  This is also a great way for parents to get their kids involved in a community of enthusiasts that have a wealth of information to share with younger generations.


If you are interested in joining the Kid’s Herpetological Society, please E-mail and with you name and contact information.  Also, let us know the age of the interested kid or kids.  You will then be put on an e-mail list with updates for the Kid’s Herpetological Society.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!!!