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Find a Wisconsin Herp Veterinarian

Do you live in Wisconsin and are in search of a reptile veterinarian? Then this page is the resource for you! Here, you will find a listing of veterinarians throughout the state able to see and treat reptiles. Please note that phone numbers, veterinarians, and other specific contact information may be subject to change. Be sure to check the website(s) of the clinics near you for the most current/up to date information.

While reputation and word of mouth through local reptile and exotic pet communities can oftentimes be great ways of selecting a reputable veterinarian, there are also several additional considerations to keep in mind should one’s circumstances change or if one is in search of a new veterinarian. Does the clinic see reptiles and amphibians, or other exotics, and if so, how often? What is the range of services this clinic can provide for these animals? Are there any animals they *won’t* see or treat? How long has the doctor(s) been at the clinic and in practice? Do they have sufficient knowledge, expertise, and experience in these species? Are they willing and able to treat on an emergency basis? Do they have a personal interest/experience in keeping and/or breeding reptiles or amphibians? What is their location and hours? Are the veterinarians and staff friendly, courteous, pleasant, and willing to work with you? What are their costs, and how are payments accepted? These are all questions to ask and consider when choosing a veterinarian and clinic experience that is best for you and your pets overall.

If you are a veterinarian that sees reptiles and would like to be listed, or if you know of one not listed, contact us today and we will add it! We will keep this list as an up to date resource for finding that reptile veterinarian! For more information and resources on finding a qualified reptile and amphibian veterinarian in your area, visit the Association of Reptile and Amphibians Veterinarians, or ARAV “Find a Vet” page below:

Wisconsin Reptile and Amphibian Veterinarians