Madison Area Herpetological Society

Arboretum Elementary Family Science Night!

Arboretum Elementary Family Science Night! Location: Arboretum Elementary, Waunakee WI
Date: Friday, January 27th 2017. It was another AWESOME family science night over at Waunakee’s Arboretum elementary as we showcased several of our amazing reptiles! It was a great turnout tonight, and even area teachers wanted in on more of the action! MAHS was the talk from around the event! We can’t wait until the next family science night! The best part of the evening’s school show at Arboretum Elementary was when one of the head teachers/event organizers came over to the MAHS table and talked about how she had a special classroom pet lizard (didn’t say what species) and loved being showed all of the different herps on display. She came back a couple of times during the event and at the end and grabbed all of the handouts. That was what made our night tonight. We’d call that a win.