Madison Area Herpetological Society

Fall Field Outing 2016!

MAHS Fall Field Outing-Central WI
Location: Central WI
Date: Saturday, September 24th 2016
MAHS recently trekked up to beautiful central Wisconsin for some amazing mid-fall field herping, with some great results! We found many of the areas herp and non-herp species that day, and it was a great time overall! We can’t wait until our next spring outing in May! Here is the tally of species found:
9-Blue spotted salamanders
8-Spotted salamanders
Too many to count-Red backed salamanders
1-Painted turtle (basking)
1-Juvenile common snapping turtle
1-Smooth Green snake
2-Northern water snakes (1 juvenile, 1 adult)
Many-Common garter snakes (including juveniles, subadults, and 1 large adult)
3-Eastern fox snakes (2 adults, 1 juvenile)
1-Juvenile northern prairie skink
Several-Green frogs
Several-northern leopard frogs (alive and dead)
Several-Spring peepers
1-Wood frog
2-American toads (toadlets)

*Thanks to Sandi Bingham for the photos!