Madison Area Herpetological Society

Madison Children’s Museum Rooftop Ramble 2015

Madison Children’s Museum Rooftop Ramble 2015
: Madison Children’s Museum, Madison WI
Dates: Saturday, January 24th, February 28th, 
On Saturday January 24th, MAHS once again participated at one of their favorite locations at the Madison Children’s Museum on educating all about native species of Wisconsin as well as the top 10 beginner reptiles, and the general differences between reptiles and amphibians, and much more! Visitors found out which species can be found right here in Wisconsin, and their own backyards and learned all about their habitats, what they eat, and more! Visitors had the chance to see and learn about what it takes to care for a reptile, and which species make the most suitable choices for the beginner. MAHS looks forward to continue working with Madison Children’s Museum in doing rooftop ramble events as well as additional, more individualized workshops and sessions in the future.