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MAHS Events in 2018!

MAHS Events-2018

With our goal of reaching out to the public to educate people about reptiles, we often are part of local events.  This is a place to see what we are doing and see pictures of our members getting out and educating people.  We also do MAHS sponsored outings for members, which can be anything from a tour of a breeder’s facility to hiking in the area to find local native reptile species.  Check out the stories below from 2018 to see what we did, and what members had to say, along with pictures of our adventures.  These aren’t even all of the events and outreach opportunities we did in 2018! Make sure to check the Calendar for future events!

Private Birthday Party Events!
Dates: Varies
Location: Varies
Did you know that every year, MAHS gets invited to do birthday parties? Yep, we can bring several of our awesome ambassador reptiles and ambassadors to one lucky kid’s birthday to do a show and tell presentation, or even more formal lecture presentation. The special birthday kid also has the option of getting their own shed snake skin or other token from us! No matter how old or young, we love to do birthday parties, and could come to your next one!

MAHS at Pets Supplies Plus!
Date: Varied, Monthly
Location: Pets Supplies Plus, Fitchburg WI
Thanks to everyone who stopped by the MAHS (and USARK) educational table and display at the MAHS event at Pets Supplies Plus in Fitchburg today on January 28th and cast their chip in for us with their purchases. It was a great way of spreading the word in the community as we gained additional MAHS interest. Be sure to look for us again at Pets Supplies Plus soon! Now monthly on the last Sundays of each month!

Monthly MAHS Education Tables at PetsMart Madison East and West, and Now Green Bay 2018
Location: PetsMart, Madison WI East and West, and Green Bay WI
Dates: Saturdays Monthly.
MAHS announces that it now is holding an educational table and display at PetsMart-Madison WI West from 10 am to 2 pm each month. Store associates and shoppers had the chance to see and learn about many unique reptiles and amphibians, as well as what we do in the community, and how to become more involved with herps! We look forward to being at Petsmart again next month!
Updated Announcement! We are proud to announce that we will now be hosting monthly education tables at Green Bay WI’s PetsMart location! Be sure to look for other locations soon as we work to establish them!

Lindbergh Elementary Reptile Show & Tell!
Location: Lindbergh Elementary, Madison WI
Date: Tuesday, January 9th 2018
Students, staff, and teachers alike had the opportunity to learn all about reptiles and amphibians hands on as MAHS made its first of 2018 event debut at Lindbergh elementary for two, 45 minute exciting show and tell presentations! Kids had the opportunity to find out where these animals come from, what they like to eat, how they defend themselves from predators, plus lots more! We look forward to many more school events coming up this year!

Friends of Cherokee Marsh Annual Meeting-2018!
Location: Warner Park Community Center, Madison WI
Date: Saturday, January 20th 2018.
It was one of the greatest Friends of Cherokee Marsh annual meetings to date on Saturday, January 20th at the Warner Park Community Center! Members and attendees listened in on a thorough presentation all about WI’s native amphibian and reptile species, and at the end, got to seem touch, and interact with several of our amazing animal ambassadors. Thanks again, Friends of Cherokee Marsh for inviting us out to speak at the meeting! *Photos by Jeremy Arrington.

Meet the Reptiles at the Kaukauna Public Library!
Location: Kaukauna Public Library, Kaukauna WI
Date: Saturday, January 20th 2018
Fox valley area kids, parents, and families alike all flocked to the Kaukauna Public Library to see and meet reptiles! That’s right, MAHS’ own Fox Valley branch was out in force with an educational show and tell presentation with several of our educational ambassador animals to help change minds! Be sure to look for us at even more Fox Valley area events this year!

MAHS at Cabela’s Sun Prairie
Location: Cabela’s, Sun Prairie WI
Date: Saturday, January 27th, 2018 and Varied Dates throughout the year
MAHS went into the great outdoors again…well maybe not quite this time…but we were recently back at Cabela’s in Sun Prairie to help educate all about native and exotic reptiles and amphibians alike! We stressed the importance of conservation of these animals, what to do if one encounters one, how to find them, and much more! We even had several store shoppers come just to see our snakes! The event was a success, and we hope to be back soon!

MAHS at the Great Lakes Pet Expo 2018!
Location: Wisconsin Expo Center, WI State Fair Park, West Allis, WI
Date: Saturday, February 3rd 2018
WE BROKE AN EVEN RECORD IN ATTENDANCE!!! It was another AWESOME turnout at one of the largest events we attend each year as over last year’s attendance of 14,000 people came through the doors on Saturday’s Great Lakes Pet Expo! There was over 8,000 square feet of reptile displays, education, and interaction thanks to Cindy Steinle and Small Scale Reptile Rescue. And of course we represented USARK – United States Association of Reptile Keepers as well! Great work to all who worked the photo booth, which was exceptionally busy through much of the show. Be sure to check out the photo recap below, and if we missed anyone, let us know! Thanks to all of the volunteers and event photographers for making this year’s Great Lakes Pet Expo another success! More photos to come!!!

Midvale Elementary Science Night!
Location: Midvale Elementary, Madison WI
Date: Tuesday, February 13th, 2018.
MAHS was back out at Madison’s west side Midvale Elementary for their family science night! It was another awesome night of showing and educating about reptiles and amphibians, and kids, parents, and entire families alike enjoyed the experience. We always enjoy doing family science nights!

MAHS at the PetsMart National Adoption Weekend-2018!
Location: Madison WI and Green Bay WI and Nationwide
Dates: Variable; Four times yearly
MAHS participated in PetsMart Charities’ National Adoption Weekend on Saturday with interactive tables and displays, as well as opportunities to see and learn more about many of our animals, our rescue and adoption services, plus how to become more involved and much more!

Glendale Elementary Science Night!
Location: Glendale Elementary, Madison WI
Date: Tuesday, February 20th, 2018.
MAHS was back out at Madison’s east side Glendale Elementary for their family science night! It was another awesome night of showing and educating about reptiles and amphibians, and kids, parents, and entire families alike enjoyed the experience. We always enjoy doing family science nights!

Notre Dame Academy School Event
Location: Notre Dame Academy, Green Bay WI
Date: Friday February 23rd 2018.
MAHS’ Fox Valley Chapter was up at Notre Dame Academy today in Green Bay with several reptiles and invertebrates! Members showed off and educated all about these awesome and amazing animals, and continued to raise interest and involvement in our Fox Valley Chapter. Great work everyone! Here is a photo recap from the event by Raija Hansen and Erin Bockster.

UW Madison School of Veterinary Medicine Tour!
Location: UW School of Veterinary Medicine, Madison WI
Date: Saturday, February 24th 2018.
Thank you everyone who attended the UW School of Veterinary medicine behind the scenes tour! We got to see their exotics/special species ward, their radiology, oncology, dental, and other specialized departments, large animal facilities, and their school of veterinary medicine teaching labs, classrooms, and new practice and prep areas. We will definitely be looking at going again next year, and hope to see you then!

MAHS at Habitattitude Pet Surrender Event!
Location: 1000 Islands Environmental Center, Kaukauna/Appleton WI
Date: Saturday, March 10th 2018
The MAHS-Fox Valley chapter and its members were out in force again at the Habitattitude’s Pet Surrender and Rescue event, hosted by the Green Bay Aquarium Society at the 1000 Islands Environmental Center in Appleton! We were there to show off and educate about several of our demo animals, as well as provide another area resource and option for unwanted pets and surrenders. It was a great event to attend, as we continue to network in the area and build up our Fox Valley chapter!

Randall Elementary Super Science Saturday!
Location: Randall Elementary, Madison WI.
Date: Saturday, March 10th 2018.
It was another successful educational outreach event at Randall Elementary in Madison, and reptiles were among the most popular and talked about booths at the event! We had a few of our snakes to show, and even managed to help a few event organizers overcome their fears of snakes by touching one! We can’t wait for the next science outreach event coming up soon!

MAHS at Reptile Rampage!
Location: Lake Forest Recreation Center, Lake Forest IL.
Date: Sunday, March 11th 2018.
Reptile Rampage is a one day reptile educational event hosted and organized by the Wildlife Discovery Center (WDC) in Lake Forest IL. Featuring several scientific, educational, and rescue organizations from around the Midwest and hundreds of reptiles and amphibians for over 1700 visitors and attendees to see, touch, and learn about, Reptile Rampage was certainly the place to learn about reptiles and amphibians over the weekend. And for kids and adults alike, there were also crafts, fundraisers, and much more. Check out our photo recap of the event!

Emerson Elementary Science Night!
Date: Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018
Location: Emerson Elementary, Madison WI
Science Night at Emerson Elementary has just concluded, and it was a night full of fun science education with reptiles! Even local school shows are not any less important, as it can never be known which kids who have had positive exposure to reptiles will become the next doctor, lawyer, teacher, or city councilperson, mayor, or even state representative. Check out some of the photos from the event!

UW Madison School of Veterinary Medicine Teaching Labs
Dates: Fridays, April 6th and 13th, 2018
Location: UW Madison School of Veterinary Medicine, Madison WI
It was an enjoyable time lending some of our animals out for first through third year University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine students during their teaching laboratory sessions! Reptiles and amphibians are becoming increasingly popular and widely seen species in the the field of veterinary medicine, so its always important for students to gain practice and experience for what may come through their clinic doors later on. Thanks to our volunteers and the College for helping to make these opportunities happen! *Photos by Jeremy Arrington!

UW Madison Science Expeditions
Date: Saturday April 7th, 2018.
Location: Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, UW Madison, Madison WI
Reptiles took over the Discovery building today as the annual UW Science Expeditions took place today and this weekend! UW Science Expeditions is one of our busiest and most well attended events, and this time was of course no exception! Kids, parents, teachers, and families alike had the chance to see, touch, and learn more about these amazing amphibians and radical reptiles, and how they all play important roles in conservation and science! Great job to all of our volunteers today to help make our involvement in this event possible!

Madison Bird & Nature Festival!
Date: Sunday, April 15th, 2018
Location: Warner Park, Madison WI
Despite the snowy, unseasonable weather outside for April, the annual Madison Bird and Nature Festival was another hit this year, as event goers came inside to learn all about reptiles and amphibians, plus lots more! This year’s feature presentations focused on Wisconsin’s bats and their local and global conservation with the Wisconsin DNR! We even learned a few new things about our equally as misunderstood batty friends! Check out some photos from today’s event!

Family Fun Science Night at Huegel Elementary!
Date: Thursday, April 19th, 2018
Location: Huegel Elementary, Madison WI.
Huegel Elementary School in Madison WI recently held its annual Family Fun Science Night on Thursday, April 19th, and MAHS was back! We were there to show and educate about some of our animals to attending kids and their families, why they’re so awesome and amazing, how to join and be a part of what we do in the community, and much more! We always look forward to doing family science nights! Be sure to look for us at more upcoming events at area schools and community centers!

MAHS at the Waunakee Family STEM Event!
Location: Waunakee Community High School, Waunakee WI
Date: Saturday, April 21st, 2018.
MAHS and its members were also out at the Waunakee Community High School for their annual Family Science and STEM event hosted by the Waunakee Public Library! We showed several of our awesome ambassador animals, and even had the neat opportunity to see Waunakee’s technological innovation center! It was another great day to be out in the community, and we even stopped by the Waunakee library afterward to grab some additional books for our library!

Kennedy Elementary Family Science Night!
Location: Kennedy Elementary, Madison WI
Date: Monday, April 23rd, 2018.
It was another fun filled science night at Kennedy Elementary school in Madison WI, as there were reptiles, science demonstrations, water tornadoes, and much more going on throughout the night. Be sure to check out some of the photos from tonight’s event, and we hope to see you at the next one soon!

Wales Elementary Reptile Program!
Location: Wales Elementary, Wales WI
Date: Wednesday, April 25th, 2018.
It was an awesome turnout over at Wales Elementary as MAHS representatives came in to present a show and tell with all sorts of amazing animals from around the world! It was another great start to forming our Milwaukee chapter and working with local schools!

MAHS at Prairie View Elementary!
Date: Friday, April 27th, 2018.
Location: Prairie View Elementary, Holemen WI.
MAHS representatives were in Holemen in the LaCrosse and Coulee region area to provide an assembly program to more than 175 kids! Although things were a little rambunctious, it was a great turnout for the event, and there were lots of different animals for kids, parents, and teachers alike to see and learn more about! Thanks to our LaCrosse area members for making this event happen!

MAHS at SEWERFEST’s First Ever Spring Show!
Date: Sunday, April 29th, 2018. Also regular dates, Sunday August 5th, and Sunday, November 11th, 2018.
Location: Fountain Banquet Hall, Sturtevant WI
It was a great time at SEWERFest‘s FIRST EVER spring show as vendors, guests, and attendees flocked to today’s show in numbers throughout much of the show! And congratulations to all of the winners of the show’s raffles, including some cool Zilla Products enclosures and lighting fixtures! Thanks to everyone who came out this weekend for another great show, and we hope to see everyone again on August 5th! Here are just a few of the photos recapping the show!

Sauk County Humane Society Annual PAWS Walk/Run!
Date: Saturday, May 5th, 2018
Location: Sauk County Fairgrounds, Baraboo WI
This event today went to the snakes (as well as dogs, since we have to include those in there too)! MAHS was invited back to the Sauk County Humane Society’s annual PAWS walk/run to educate event goers all about reptiles and amphibians, how to properly take care of them as pets, how to best conserve and protect them in the wild, and much more! As usual, we had several of our slithering and scaly friends to help alleviate fears (which happened several times today during this event)! This event was a blast, and we enjoyed getting out in today’s gorgeous weather and educating all about our favorite animals!

Reptile Inspired Engineering in Sauk City!
Date: Wednesday, May 16th, 2018
Location: Ruth Culver Community Library, Sauk Prairie WI Reptiles were all the talk around the Ruth Culver Community Library, as we were invited to present all about reptile and amphibian inspired engineering! How do gecko toe pads help us inspire better adhesives? Can we learn anything about search and rescue from the way snakes move? Library goers had a blast learning the answers to these questions, plus more!

MAHS at the Outdoor Education Summit!
Date: Wednesday, May 16th, 2018.
Location: Hoyt Park, Madison WI.
It was a beautiful day out at Hoyt Park today as several Madison Metropolitan Area Schools descended upon the park for many various activities and learning sessions throughout the morning! Lots of kids and adults alike had the chance to learn all about these animals via show and tell style including where they live in the wild, how they live, what makes each one unique, and why conserving them is important! It was a blast, and we wish spring-like weather would stay like this for the entire year! *Photos by Richie Braatz.

MAHS Spring Field Outing-Southwest WI
Date: Saturday, May 19th, 2018
Location: Various Locations in Southwestern WI
Another MAHS spring Field outing has come and gone, and it was a great day out in the field. Perhaps the highlight of many who attended were three Gray Ratsnakes (Pantherophis spiloides). Other species found included Eastern garter snakes, northern water snakes, American toads, and a few other frog species. Although it became too hot out to find much else after the first few locations, it was nevertheless a great way of spending the day out! Thanks to all who attended and offered to drive. Our next field outing will be this fall to Central WI. We hope to see e everyone then!

MAHS at Portage Canal Days
Date: Saturday, June 2nd, 2018
Location: Downtown Portage, Portage WI
It was a great day in Portage Wisconsin today, as family friendly and fun activities took over downtown Portage today for Portage Canal Day. There was plenty of live entertainment, kid’s and family activities, and of course MAHS was several of our best desert, and heat loving animals to go along with the hot day today. It was another great event, and we look forward to the next event hosted by Fiorella Nella!

Riveredge Nature Center FrogFest!
Date: Saturday, June 2nd 2018.
Location: Riveredge Nature Center, Saukville WI
This year was MAHS’ annual FrogFest at Riveredge Nature Center in Saukville WI! We are always rapidly expanding our presence in the Milwaukee area, as well as throughout the state of Wisconsin! This year’s Frogfest was an opportunity to see and learn about Wisconsin’s native reptiles and amphibians (as well as those throughout the U.S. and world), as well as the opportunity to attend guided hikes to locate reptiles and amphibians! This was a great event overall for us, and we definitely look forward to more events in the future!

Summer Trails Fest!
Date: Saturday, June 2nd, 2018.
Location: Lake Farm County Park, Madison WI
On Saturday, June 2nd, MAHS was invited back to Summer Trails Festival hosted by Dane County Parks & Recreation and Friends of Capitol Springs! Unsurprisingly, the MAHS table was among the top hits of the event as we educated visitors, guests, and even other area vendors all about native and exotic species, and why reptiles are important in many ways. This was another successful event as MAHS continues to expand in the community.

Wehr Nature Center Reptile Day!
Date: Sunday, June 10th 2018.
Location: Wehr Nature Center, Franklin WI
Another Reptile Day has taken place, and despite the warm weather out, was another success! Reptile Day was an educational, family fun event featuring dozens of native and exotic reptiles, kid’s arts and crafts, guided herp hikes, and more! MAHS was a hit at this event as we educated all about these amazing animal. We’re becoming more active in the Milwaukee and Southeastern WI region, so be sure to look for us at more events in the near future! Here are some photos from today’s event! Thanks to all participants and volunteers who came up to help and show their support for MAHS!

MAHS at AniMart in Waunakee!
Date: Saturday, June 16th, 2018.
Location: AniMart, Waunakee WI
Did you know that one of Madison’s favorite reptile and pet stores, Animart, now has a Waunakee location? Yep, that’s right! And MAHS was there with a table to help celebrate their recent grand opening by showing off some of our animals and what we do in the community! Be sure to look for us at more AniMart scheduled events this year!

MAHS at Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Opening Night!
Date: Friday, June 22nd, 2018.
Locations: Marcus Palace Cinema in Sun Prairie WI and New Vision Theatre in Fitchburg WI.
On June 22nd, life found a way! That’s right! MAHS was on hand for the second installment of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom to show off some real, modern dinosaurs on opening night! We may not have had any dinosaurs on hand, unfortunately, but we sure did have the reptiles and amphibians! This event was a huge success, and employees, managers, and staff all alike loved our animals and wanted us back for more movie events! Be sure to watch for us at the theatre again, and also don’t miss us for our next Jurassic World pizza party and viewing on July 7th!!!

Wildlife in Need Center Tour and Presentation!
Location: Wildlife in Need Center, Oconomowoc, WI.
Date: Saturday, June 23rd, 2018.
Thank you to the Wildlife In Need Center and everyone who was able to attend today’s behind the scenes event to make it one of our most fun and educational outings this year! We got to learn all about Wisconsin’s wildlife and what the center does, meet a few of their ambassador animals, and even tour their facilities. We got to see their new outdoor turtle pond too, with some residents already in it! It was a super fun event!!!

Dane County Humane Society PawPrints Presentation-Reptiles & Amphibians
: Monday, June 25th and July 23rd, 2018.
Location: Dane County Humane Society, Madison WI
On Monday, June 25th and July 23rd, MAHS was invited back at the Dane County Humane Society’s Summer Camp (and subsequent summer courses)! We presented all about the basics of reptile care and ownership, what you need to know and what it takes to care for these awesome animals as well as all of the major groups of reptiles and amphibians, and what makes each one different from one another!

Henry Vilas Zoo Conservation Program!
Wednesdays, June 27th and August 1st, 2018.
Location: Henry Vilas Zoo, and Wingra Park, Madison WI.
On Wednesdays, June 27th and August 1st, MAHS had the opportunity for the first time to work with the well known, and FREE local zoo, Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison WI to present for the zoo’s summer conservation and education programs! We provided a educational and entertaining presentation on how kids, and everyone in the community, can become involved with reptile and amphibian conservation, locally and even globally! We thank the Henry Vilas Zoo for inviting us to this opportunity, and we hope to continue to work with the HVZ further into the future!

Wildlife Discovery Center Return Tour!
Location: Wildlife Discovery Center, Lake Forest IL.
Date: Saturday, June 20th, 2018.
It was a hot weekend out with heat advisories, but we managed to beat the heat by making a long anticipated return trip to the Wildlife Discovery Center in Lake Forest IL! WDC is a wildlife education and conservation zoo and education facility with many species of native and exotic venomous and nonvenomous reptiles, amphibians, and other residents! We even had the opportunity to see one of their sloths, which are always one of the fan favorites whenever we hold any event with the WDC! Thanks to everyone who made it out over this past weekend, and we hope to see you again at the next exciting event soon!!!

*Photos by Charles Branstrom and Ashley Ketchum.

Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom Pizza Party and Showing!
Date: Saturday. July 7th, 2018.
Location: Marcus Palace Cinema, Sun Prairie WI.
Thank you to everyone who came out tonight to help make our second Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom pizza party and viewing another huge success! Although some had to leave early, we had a total of 17 excited moviegoers and volunteers to help make this event a ton of fun! We can’t wait, and are already making plans for the third installment in 2022!!!

Lindbergh Elementary Summer Science Events!
Dates: Wednesday, July 11th and Wed. August 1st, 2018.
Location: Lindbergh Elementary, Madison WI.
MAHS was at Lindbergh Elementary on Madison’s northside for their summer science and library education event on July 11th and August 1st! Kids, teachers, and parents alike had the chance to see and learn more about some of our awesome scaly friends, and why they’re beneficial and just all around cool animals. We look forward to the next school event!

Neenah Public Library Reptile Show and Tell!
Date: Tuesday, July 13th, 2018.
Location: Neenah Public Library, Neenah WI.

Madison Public Library Summer Reptile Program Series Dates: Thursday, July 19th, Tuesday, July 24th, and Saturday, July 28th, 2018.
Locations: Madison Public Library, Alicia Ashman and Sequoya branches, Madison WI.

Animal House Pets and Supplies Cookout for Calypso the Tegu
Date: Saturday, July 28th, 2018.
Location: Animal House Pets and Supplies, Mukwonago WI.

Vacation Bible School Summer Native Species Presentation!
Date: Sunday, July 29th, 2018.
Location: Vacation Bible School, Mazomanie WI.

Green Lake County Fair Reptile Show and Tell-Fox Valley!
Date: Saturday, August 4th, 2018.
Location: Green Lake County Fairgrounds, Green Lake WI.

Milwaukee Public Library Summer Show and Tell Series
Dates: Wednesday, July 18th, 2018 and Thursday, July 18th, 2018.
Locations: Milwaukee Public Libraries, Milwaukee WI.