Madison Area Herpetological Society

UWSP Visit and Garrick DeMeyer’s Open House

With all of the legislation going on in the US, both nationally and locally,  the UWSP Herp Society asked Ryan McVeigh to come up and talk with them about what’s happening and what can be done.  Eric Roscoe set it up on the same day that Garrick DeMeyer was having his Open House.  Ryan, Eric, Angel Pollock, Melissa Lipski, and Brandon Letkiewicz met up early and headed up to Steven’s Point.  They arrived early and had an opportunity to go Field Herping before hand.  Upon arriving at UWSP they were greeted by UWSP Herp Society President – Matthew Rucker, and headed in to talk.  About an hour was spent talking about the bans, and then MAHS got a tour of UWSP’s vivarium and herpetological department.  Once done, they all headed over to Garrick’s.  While there they were able to interview Garrick and get a look at some of the cool projects he has coming up this year.  On the way back Eric proposed going to one last Field Herping spot.  While there they found a baby northern water snake, and a fox snake.  Overall it was an amazing day!


Check out the video of the trip HERE!!