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Milwaukee Area Herpetological Society Monthly Meeting-January 2020
Wednesday 08 January 2020, 06:00pm - 09:00pm

Happy New Year!! We're kicking off an incredible 2020 with our first meeting of the year!

As always, we have guest speakers every month, raffle prizes as well as stimulating educational discussions with fellow hobbyists!!!  Bring a new person and get free raffle tickets!

Young Explorers: 6:00-6:45 PM

Topic: Uncommon Reptiles That Make Amazing Pets!
Every time someone asks "What's a good reptile or amphibian pet for a beginner?"  the answer is usually Ball Pythons, Bearded Dragons, and Corn Snakes, but what else is out there that make amazing pets as well?  For this talk we will discuss some less known herptiles that make amazing beginner species but aren't as common.

General Meeting: 6:45-9 PM

With the new year comes a new board.  We will introduce the new board members and our new President, Bill Stewart, will discuss what his vision is for 2020 and the Milwaukee Area Herpetological Society.  There are tons of ways to get more involved and more events coming every week!  Hear what's new, exciting, and how you can get more involved!  Our speaker has worked with critically endangered box turtles for over 30 years!  Come listen to some of the amazing stories from an old time herper.  DON'T MISS OUT!!!!

Main Speaker:  Mark Bauer.
Mark is a retired orthopedic surgeon with a near life-long interest in turtles. Mark has had multiple species in captivity including Coahuila box turtle through the Gladys Porter Zoo, arranged by former Milwaukee County Zoo Director George Speidel and John Behler, Curator Bronx Zoo; Wood Turtles and Blanding’s Turtles arranged by Mr. Speidel through Wisconsin DNR; and many common turtles.

Title: The Bog Turtle [Glyptemys insculpta]
Part A: History. Description. Habits & Habitat. Endangered/Threatened?
Part B: Search for the Bog Turtle in its native New Jersey habitat mid to late 80’s.
No turtles were kept, just caught, photographed and videoed, then released.
Part C: Captive Care and Breeding of the Bog Turtle Using Legally Purchased Turtles from the mid-80’s

Feel free to bring anything you want to donate to the raffle, and bring some excitement!

Location 5401 W Oakwood Park Dr Franklin, WI 53132

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