Madison Area Herpetological Society
Presentation Guide & Fee Schedule

*Updated May 2022

The main goal of the Madison Area Herpetological Society is to educate the public about commonly misunderstood reptiles and amphibians.  With education as our top priority, we enjoy the opportunity to give lectures and educational presentations on a variety of topics from basic reptile care to more advanced classes in genetics and biology.  Below are descriptions of the opportunities we offer and the associated costs.

School Assemblies
Availability for school assemblies during day time hours can be challenging for our volunteers. In the event we have volunteers available, school assemblies can be scheduled.  Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule a school assembly specifically. 

Shows are presentations that have a main purpose to entertain the audience through interaction and displaying of various animals.  While there is an educational aspect to these, the educational material is centered on the animal itself.  This is a great way to introduce a large variety of animals to an audience.  This works well for schools, clubs, birthday parties, corporate events, and other events.

Initial Fee --- 1 Group for 1 Hour  … $150   
                      Additional Groups  … $50 per group   
                      Additional Time  … $50 per 30 minutes

Special event rates can be discussed on a case by case basis.  Special pricing is available for organizations that wish to schedule multiple shows within a year.

Lectures are any presentation given to an audience solely for the purpose of education.  No more than one or two animals will be present, and only if needed for the lecture.  Otherwise, slides with photos will be shown and notes will be provided.  This is often utilized for after school programs, classroom learning supplementation, enthusiast groups, etc.  Depending on the audience and the nature of the topic, an appropriate member of the society will be sent to speak.

Unless it is requested that more animals are brought with, lectures are usually free of charge.  However, this is on a case by case basis.

Fee Disclaimer:  Fees are used to offset the cost of herpetological societies liability insurance and support the organization as a whole.  The presenter is insured under our herpetological society.  Fees may be used in part to offset the travel expenses of the presenter(s) on a case by case basis.

Animal Disclaimer:  Animals brought by the presenter are owned by them unless otherwise noted.