Once in awhile a family is unable to keep their pet due to unforeseen circumstances, other times an animal has come from a bad situation and just needs a loving forever home. Whatever the situation, we at the Madison Area Herpetological Society are here to help. Our love for reptiles and amphibians goes far beyond just love of our own animals, but to also help these animals find a happy home. Unfortunately, due to space, husbandry, and longevity aspects of caring for these species, we are not able to accept iguanas, sliders, or other aquatic turtles, although there always may be exceptions. Other large snakes, lizards, or tortoises may also oftentimes be difficult for us to accept depending on foster, enclosure, and/or space availability. If you have one of these animals in need of relinquishment, we will do our best to point you in a direction that can help! We can often connect you with our membership and other organizations and individuals we work with that may be able to take in your pet. If we do not have a contact with another rescue, we will utilize our presence on social media!

Effective 2021, MAHS is no longer taking in surrenders or adopting animals, but we are referring to local rescues in our area to assist in placing any animal you are no longer able to care for

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Badgerland Reptile Rescue

If you are intersted in surrendering or adopting a reptile, we partner with Badgerland Reptile rescue. You can connect with them at https://badgerlandrescue.com/, or at www.facebook.com/badgerlandreptilerescue.  Available animals can be seen on Morph Market as well.