There are many different weird, wacky, or special in their own right “holidays” out there that give recognition to or celebrate just about everything. There are also many websites out there that even list them by month, year, date, or by other details, and there are many that are specifically for, or relevant to reptiles, amphibians, and animals in general. Have fun celebrating your favorite day(s), and remember that there is something out there celebrating just about everything for everyone!

1/16-Appreciate a Dragon Day (highlight agamid and other lizards that are often called “dragons”).

1/28-Rattlesnake Roundup/Rattlesnake Appreciation Day (celebrates shift in more humane and educational rattlesnake festivals and similar events).

2/1-National Serpent Day
2/1- Start of Responsible Animal Guardian Month (month wide)

2/2-World Wetlands Day

2/12-International Darwin Day

2/20-Love Your Pet Day

2/28-National Science Day

3/3-World Wildlife Day

3/14-Save a Spider Day

3/20-World Frog Day

3/26-Make Up Your Own Holiday Day (can be anything)

-National Wildlife Week (TBA in March)

4/1-Start of National Frog Month (month wide)

4/2-Children’s Book Day

4/8-Zoo Lovers Day

4/10-Gopher Tortoise Day

4/11-National Pet Day

4/17-Pet Owner’s Independence Day

4/17- Start of International Turtle and Tortoise Week

4/20-Volunteer Recognition Day

4/22-Earth Day

4/26-National Kids and Pets Day

4/29-World Veterinary Day

4/30-Save the Frogs Day (or Last Saturday in April)

4/30-Animal Advocacy Day

5/3-National Teacher’s Day

5/3-National Disabled Pets Day

5/8-National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day

5/13-Frog Jumping Day

5/18-International Museum Day

5/20-Endangered Species Day (or Third Friday of May)

5/22-World Biodiversity Day

5/23-World Turtle Day/World Sea Turtle Day

6/1-Start of Zoo and Aquarium Month (month wide)

6/5-World Environment Day

6/8-World Ocean Day

6/16-World Sea Turtle Day

6/17-World Croc Day

-Animal Rights Awareness Week (TBA in June, Do our own version of that one)


7/1- American Zoo Day

7/1-Start of Wild About Wildlife Month (month wide)

7/11-All American Pet Photo Day

7/16-World Snake Day

8/7-National Sea Serpent Day

8/14-World Lizard Day

8/19-World Photography Day


9/1-World Gecko Day

9/4-National Wildlife Day

9/6-Read a Book Day

9/8-National Iguana Awareness Day

9/11-National Pet Memorial Day

9/19-International Snakebite Awareness Day

10/4-World Animal Day

10/5-World Teacher’s Day

10/21-Reptile Awareness Day

10/22-Make a Difference Day

-National Veterinary Technician Week (third week of October)

11/5-Book Lover’s Day (or first Saturday of the month)

11/8-National STEM/STEAM Day

11/15-Steve Irwin Day

11/16-National Educational Support Professionals Day

11/17-Take a Hike Day

11/20-Universal Children’s Day

-National Animal Shelter and Rescue Appreciation Week (first week in November)

12/4-World Wildlife Conservation Day

12/27-Visit the Zoo Day