Holiday shopping is a time which comes around every year, where many of us become increasingly busier with the hustle and bustle of shopping, choosing that right gift for the right person, meeting timelines and expectations of gift-giving, among holiday related commitments, societal norms, and even cultural aspects. It can oftentimes therefore be difficult to know what exactly to get for someone under relatively “normal” circumstances, but perhaps even trickier for that reptile-lover in the family or household! In order to help make the holiday shopping at least a little easier, we’ve decided to compose a list and article on the top 20 “reptile themed, or inspired gifts for Christmas and the Holidays, as well as for birthdays, other holidays, or any occasion of the year!

Many, if not most of these listed items can also make for great gifts for all age ranges and groups as well, from kids and families, to parents, relatives, grandparents, or others! There is sure to be something on our list that catches one’s eye or interest to help make for that fun, or perfect gift or stocking stuffer this year, and every year! To further provide assistance, we’ve included Amazon links, since online ordering is all the rage especially this year, whenever possible! And if you have an idea for a gift or item which is not yet on our list, or that we did not think of, be sure to let us know!

1. Visual 3D Night Light/Lamp, with Cobra or Chameleon Designs!

2. An Annual Membership to MAHS (or Other Local Herpetological Society)! MAHS has individual, student/teacher, family, and Young Explorers (kid’s) memberships available!

3. A Stuffed or Plush Toy Reptile or Amphibian! Many different species, colors, and designs to choose from!

4. A Reptile Themed Mug, Water Bottle, or Other Reptile Themed Glassware! Many different designs to choose from!

5. A Reptile Themed Phone Case, or Other Phone Accessories. Lots of cute designs!

6. Reptile Themed Masks! With 2020’s surge of COVID-19, reptile print masks have been taking off in popularity this year! Help protect yourself and others this holiday season!

7. LED Mag, or Flashlights! Have a Field Herper in the family? A highly luminescent flashlight for night-time or low-light herping might be just what they need! Also check out and look for Head-Lamps as well!

8. A Wall-Timer which can be Synced with Lighting and Heating Elements of Reptile Enclosures! These are pretty cool in that lights within your reptile or amphibian enclosure can be activated and deactivated with the touch of a phone button!

9. Jurassic Park/Jurassic World Dinosaur Figures by Mattel! What reptile lover out that *did not* start out liking dinosaurs!? Check out these well sculpted, well-articulated dinosaur figures complete with “attack pack”, “savage strike”, and other electronic and/or button controlled features! And check out the adorable “Snap Squads” as well!

10. A Reptile Print Blanket! Need a nice and cozy quilt or blanket to keep warm this holiday season!? Might as well add a reptile print or design to it!

11. A Reptile Book or Field Guide! The holidays are a perfect opportunity to get that someone some much needed reading material, whether a field guide, natural history book, care and husbandry book, or even a reptile related biography! Best of all, one can find a book for all ages and interests to ensure many hours of reading time are to be had! Much better than learning stuff on the Internet!

12. An Electronic Digital Temperature Gauge or “Temp-Gun”! These are a must have for just about any reptile owner! Never be without knowing the surface temperature for anything again!

13. A Reptile Themed Calendar or Planner! Available in Turtle, Dinosaur, Snake, Frog and Toad, Lizard, or Many Others. A great way of staying organized and on track, as long as its not one for 2020!

14. MAHS T-Shirts and Other Merchandise! While MAHS is still working on making its merchandise catalogue available, there are usually T-shirts and other swag which normally are available, each with a reptile and corresponding reptile-pun or phrase! Stay tuned to the MAHS website for availability of what would be great stocking stuffers!

15. A Reptile Themed Canvass, or Other Reptile Picture Frame or Wall Coverings! Spruce up your barren looking walls and household with some amazing reptile pictures and artwork! Add style, sophistication, and personality to your living or working space!
*Also check out Reptile Wall Clocks!

16. Reptile Inspired Jewelry! Jewelry is always popular in the holiday and other gift-giving seasons! Why not pick out a fashionable pair of reptile inspired ear-rings, necklaces, bracelets, or other accessories! There are many local artists and designers out there, and also many amazing custom designs which could make the perfect gift in staying hip and fashionable!

17. Reptile Shirts and Other Clothing! Whether its T-shirts or sweaters, or boots, hats, visors, pajamas, hoodies, or even cute reptile socks, there’s sure to be other reptile-inspired clothing and swag for all ages and members of the family!
Pajamas and Sleepwear!
Cute Socks!

18. Reptile Movies, DVDs, or Audio Books! Whether a documentaries, audio-books to read and listen along to for those long and uneventful drives especially, or even a bad B-movie about reptiles one can laugh at, there can be lots of different potential gift options for the movie or documentary lover in the family!

19. Reptile Pillows or Other Bed Coverings! Sleep in style and comfort, or have a pillow fight with reptile themed pillows or other bed-ware!

20. Reptile Ornaments and Holiday Decorations! If one is going to decorate their tree this year, it should at least have some reptile ornaments on it! Check these, and other holiday decorations out! More can also be found at any local holiday stores!

Bonus 21. A New Reptile Enclosure or Setup! While making that ultimate decision to bring a new animal into one’s home for the holidays is perhaps best made either outside of the holidays, or only in consultation with all members of the family and also with the proper research and planning, a new enclosure or setup, with all of the right furnishings and supplies can still be that “ultimate” gift to at least start with, for the holidays or other special occasion!